Learn More About Ethan  Baby Ethan was born a healthy 7 lb. 6 oz. baby, who was 19 ¾ in. long when he entered the world on ...Read On Here Heart of Ethan Interview  View baby Ethan Richards full  story detailing The Heart of  Ethan Project below. ...Read On Here Make Donations  If you feel it in your heart to  support our cause, please do so  by clicking the button directly  below. The infamous day "9/11" has left a lasting imprint and a significant burning in our memory. In 2012,  "9/11" was forever burned on the hearts of ETHAN RICHARDS' family and loved ones who helplessly  watched and prayed while doctors saved him from a tragic life-altering condition. Ethan Richards is a  precious one-year old infant diagnosed with heart disease who received a heart transplant transplant  on Sunday, December 16, 2012. This Christmas gift could not have come at a better time! A steering team of very passionate supporters united  to develop and initiate the introduction of "The Ethan  Fund raiser Project" to the community and to set up a  support organization. Chronic childhood illnesses are  rising at alarming rates. Pediatric heart disease,  although profound in effect and prevalence, is one  such illness that has not garnered enough front page  news and attention. Countless families are devastated  emotionally, psychologically, physically, and financially. Ethan Richards' ongoing care requires comprehensive medical treatment which will have  astronomical costs. As a transplant survivor, Ethan and his family will need financial assistance, even  with insurance. They must cover the cost of transplant evaluations, pre-transplant and post- transplant care, as well as increasing costs while recovering from surgery. Ethan will have to take  immunosuppressive and additional medications for the rest of his life. Indirect costs not associated  with Ethan's medical care are also a reality for the family. Vast non-medical and indirect costs will include, but not limited to, food, lodging and long distance  phone calls, transportation & parking to and from transplant center, before and after transplant  surgery, special child care, lost wages for giving up job and  unpaid leave time parents must sacrifice  to be with Ethan. The goals of "The Ethan Fundraiser Project" are (1) to help alleviate some of the financial burden on  Ethan's family; (2) to educate other families about children's health issues related to heart disease;  and (3) to help families navigate the financial, emotional, and access to service hurdles. Your support will help us to reach our goals to assist Ethan's family and to provide valuable  information to educate others about heart disease-related issues in children. Your heartfelt concern  for this and other families of children with similar health issues is essential and commendable. © Heart of Ethan Project - All Rights Reserved 2013  The Heart of Ethan Project
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